Bye Bye Sugar, Hello Candy!

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  • No Added Sugar 

    Yep! There is absolutely no added sugar in our products. We use natural sweeteners extracted from chicory root and fruits. So that it’s completely safe for you and your kids to nible on guilt-free.

  • Completely Vegetarian, Vegan & Gelatin free

    Candies can be completely vegetarian, vegan, gelatin free and still taste absofruitly delicious. We use high-quality pectin to set our gummies which are naturally found in citrus fruits & apples. So #NibleGuiltFree

  • No Artificial Flavours or Colours

    Because we really don’t need artificial junk to make our candy. The colours you see and the flavours you taste are derived from plant-based sources which makes indulging in our candies super guilt-free!

  • Gluten & GMO free

    Most candies have gluten in the avatar of sweeteners & thickeners which is a potential danger for people with celiac disease & gluten intolerance. But we use real, all-natural ingredients so everyone can #NibleGuiltFree.

  • No Preservatives

    Since the beginning, we’ve been determined to make the most delicious, guilt-free candy and that means "NO PRESERVATIVES". Our products last for 6 to 18 months from the date of manufacturing. So #NibleGuiltFree.

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  • Kashmira

    Awesomeness! If you haven't yet ordered these yummy candies.

  • Sanket

    It is lovely and one pack is already over

  • Krishiv & Nainika

    The kids insist to buy Niblerzz everytime they spot you

  • Viraj

    Loved Niblerzz

  • Trishika & Tarasha

    Niblerzz is yummy!!

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