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What Niblerzz is made of?

  • No Added Sugar

    Yep! There is absolutely no refined sugar in our products. We use sweeteners extracted from fruits and plants.

  • Vegetarian, Vegan & Gelatine Free

    Absofruitly delicious. We use high-quality pectin which are found in citrus fruits & apples.

  • No Artificial Flavours or Colours

    Derived from fruits and plants. Natural colours and flavours like turmeric, carrot etc.

  • Gluten & GMO Free

    Most candies have gluten in the avatar of sweeteners & thickeners which is a potential danger for people with intolerance.

  • No Preservatives

    Determined to make the most delicious, guilt-free candy. we use only natural citric acid found in fruits & plants in our products.

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Customer Reviews

  • Kashmira

    Awesomeness! If you haven't yet ordered these yummy candies.

  • Sanket

    It is lovely and one pack is already over

  • Krishiv & Nainika

    The kids insist to buy Niblerzz everytime they spot you

  • Viraj

    Loved Niblerzz

  • Trishika & Tarasha

    Niblerzz is yummy!!

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